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The "777FlyFurther" is the perfect training camp for cross country pilots interested in improving their XC flying skills.  It’s a 6 day XC camp based in the Julian Alps of Slovenia.  Task-focused XC flying will be fully supported with in-depth task briefs and debriefs.  It also features plenty of extras, including talks on XC related subjects, parties and more.

Your hosts for the event are Nicole Fedele (World Champion & World Record holder), Brett Janaway (World record holder), Pat Dower (Sports Coach) and Bernie Hertz (XC guide). Also in attendance will be several 777 team pilots and staff from the company.

In addition to coaching from World Class pilots we are pleased to announce that there will be a 777 glider as a lottery prize, to be given early in the event to one lucky pilot. They will be able to fly the glider during the event, and receive expert advice about their new wing from the 777 designers! What will you choose?

All pilots will be given trackers for their safety and so we can give pilots a detailed review of their XC flight for the day.

As well as the personal coaching and feedback from these world-class guides, special evening talks held in our event marquee will feature guest appearances.

In order to ensure that all participants receive plenty of personal coaching we are limiting this event to just 50 pilots.

The Flyfurther event will be held from 15 - 22 June 2017. See the Programme for precise timings.

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General Info


Registration opens 14th January

Registration for the FlyFurther 2017 event starts on 14th January.

The venue for 2017 is Tolmin, Slovenia, with HQ being at Camp Gabrje, a beautiful location in the heart of the mountains, next to the winding river Soca.



One lucky pilot will win a 777 glider of their choice!

Early in the event we will be holding a prize draw and one lucky pilot will win a 777 glider of their choosing from the 777 range of wings. We will deliver the wing to the pilot that evening, allowing them to fly it immediately. This will allow them to not only get their hands on the very latest technologies built into all the 777 gliders, but to get tips on flying the glider better straight from the 777 designers, Aljaz and Urban Valic.



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